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65 Jokes About Oranges

Peel back the layers of laughter with these zesty orange jokes! I think these jokes will squeeze out a smile. If you’ve got an orange joke up your sleeve that’s too juicy not share, please do! We have a comment section below.

Cartoon graphic of orange with blue background witrh thumbs up.

Puns about oranges

These vitamin C-laden orange puns are the perfect pick!

  1. What is a Vampire‘s favorite fruit? Blood orange.
  2. What language do oranges use to communicate? Mandarin.
  3. Why are oranges the smartest fruit? Because they can concentrate.
  4. What does an orange listen to? Music compeelations.
  5. Why was the orange always on the edge? Because she had a seed of doubt planted in her.
  1. Where do plastic oranges live? Orange County.
  2. Why did the orange stop running? He ran out of juice.
  3. How did the orange come back to life after dying? It made a peel with the devil.
  4. What did the orange vigilante say after beating up the bad oranges? Juice-tice will prevail.
  5. What happens when oranges get into a fight? Things get juicy.
Cartoon graphic of orange with blue background waving.
  1. What happens when you rub two oranges against each other? Pulp Friction.
  2. Which role in the Star Wars movie was the orange cast for? Emperor Pulpatine.
  3. Why can’t oranges be pirates? They don’t get scurvy.
  4. Why do oranges wear suntan lotion? Because they peel.
  5. Why did the Orange go out with a Prune? Because he couldn’t find a Date.
  1. Why did the orange get into a car crash? Because it wasn’t keeping its eyes peeled on the road.
  2. What happened when Orange, Apple, and Banana went on a picnic? They had a fruit-ful day.
  3. Why was the orange so impatient? Because it did not like to wait and C.
  4. What are oranges served in prison? Three square peels a day.
  5. Why couldn’t the orange believe that her friend had let her down? Citrus-ted him.
  1. What did the old orange see before it died? The grim riper.
  2. Why did the orange say no when her parents came to her with a marriage proposal? Because she was against oranged marriages.
  3. What did the orange say before jumping into the juicer? The zest is yet to come.
  4. What did the orange say on meeting his long lost sister? Orange you glad to meet me?
  5. What did the orange say to its Environmental Science teacher? Climate change isn’t peel.
Cartoon graphic of happy orange with blue background.
  1. What happens when two oranges collide? They get en-tang-led.
  2. Why couldn’t the orange dance at ball by himself? Because it takes two to tang-o.
  3. Why did the orange get prescription glasses? Because it was lacking Vitamin see.
  4. What did the apple say to the orange? “Orange you glad we’re friends?
  5. Why are oranges wholesome fruits? Because they have that peel good factor.
  1. What is orange and sounds like a parrot? Carrot.
  2. What can a whole orange do that half an orange can never do? Look round.
  3. Why didn’t the apple and orange get married? Because fruit cantaloupe.
  4. Why did the citrus fruit join the military? Because it was a navel orange.
  5. What happened to the orange boxer? He got beaten to a pulp.
  1. How did the orange get into an easy group at the Olympics? Because it was well seeded.
  2. What happened to the orange after he got depressed? He fell into a pith of despair.
  3. What do you call a punctual orange who is always on time everywhere? A clockwork orange.
  4. How did the orange ride the rollercoaster without fear? Because it had nerves of peel.
  5. Why did the orange dress up as a clown? Because it wanted to become a zester.

One liners about oranges

Here are some great one liners about oranges that you can quip whenever someone is talking about oranges.

  1. I am not half the person I juiced to be.
  2. When eating an orange it is all about the peel good factor.
  3. I am scared I’m turning orange. Hopefully, it is just a pigment of my imagination.
  4. What did the chick say when her mum laid an orange? Look what marmalade.
  5. The next person that asks for pineapple juice, cranberry juice, some lemonade, and slices of orange all in the same glass is going to get a “punch.”
  1. I give this orange the peel of approval.
  2. Someone told me “nothing rhymes with orange”. I said, “no it doesn’t”.
  3. I am not sure if you know this, but I am kind of a big peel.
  4. I asked a friend why she was staring at a bottle of orange juice. She replied that it said “concentrate” on it.
  5. I went to the shop to buy some oranges, strawberries and apples, but they didn’t have any. It was a fruitless trip.
  1. Help me orange things around here.
  2. Orange you glad you met me?
  3. Fruity is only skin deep.
  4. Orange juice doesn’t slide well. It is down to pulp friction.
  5. An orange growing friend’s fruit and vegetable business has gone into liquidation. They make smoothies now.

Best jokes about oranges

We’ve narrowed these down to be our faves.

  1. What kind of monkey doesn’t eat bananas? An orangeutan.
  2. What happened when the orange was peeled? It lost its rind.
  3. What would you get when you mix an orange-flavored soda and a twig? A fantastick combination.
  4. Why did the orange turn into orange juice? It couldn’t handle the pressure..
  5. What do a Unicorn and an ocean filled with orange soda have in common? They are both a FantaSea.
  1. Why did the orange get insurance? Zest in case.
  2. Why did the orange help the old lady cross the road? To do a random act of rindness.
  3. What happened when the orange broke out of prison? All hell broke juice.
  4. Why did the orange’s song receive a negative review? Because the song wasn’t orange-inal.
  5. What did the orange do for its friend’s birthday party? It made all the orange-ments.
Cartoon graphic of smiling orange with blue background.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about oranges, we hope you had a good laugh. If you want to hear more funny fruit puns then check out these other great lists of funny jokes:

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