65 Funny Birthday Jokes

Here are 65 funny birthday jokes and the best birthday puns to crack you up. These jokes about birthday are great jokes for kids and adults.

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Birthday puns

Here is our top list of birthday dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about birthday, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this birthday humor with others.

  1. What did the potato say to the rice on his birthday? Sup-rice.
  2. What do you say to a kangaroo on its birthday? Hoppy Birthday.
  3. What do you say to a female sheep on her birthday? Happy birthday to ewe.
  4. What kind of birthday cake do you get for a coffee lover? Choco-latte.
  5. Why do people write on birthday cakes? Because everyone wants to have their cake and read it too.
  1. Why was the birthday cake hard as a rock? It was a marble cake.
  2. What did the squid say on its birthday? This is going to be inkredible.
  3. How do pickles celebrate their birthdays? They relish the moment.
  4. What should you say to a fish on its birthday? Hope you have a fin-tastic birthday.
  5. What happens when you invite a thief to your birthday party? They take the cake.
  1. What does every birthday end with? The letter Y.
  2. What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? Aye, matey.
  3. What do polar bears do on their birthdays? They seal-abrate.
  4. How do you turn a regular sofa into a sofa bed? Simply forget your wife’s birthday.
  5. What did the Teddy Bear say after blowing out his birthday candles? No cake for me. I’m stuffed.
  1. What did one veggie say to the other on its birthday? Ha-pea birthday.
  2. Why couldn’t the pony sing happy birthday? She was feeling a little hoarse.
  3. What’s the fanciest kind of birthday party you can throw for a dog? A ball.
  4. What is no cat birthday party complete without? Mewsic.
  5. What kind of birthday cake does Elsa like? The kind with lots of frosting and icing.
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  1. What does a turtle do on his birthday? He shell-a-brates.
  2. Why do candles love birthdays so much? They just wanna get lit.
  3. Why is a birthday cake like playing baseball? They both need batters.
  4. Why was the boy so clean on his birthday? Because he was given a soap-rize party.
  5. What did the tiger say to her cub on his birthday? It’s roar birthday.
  1. What do you always get on your birthday? Another year older.
  2. What do penguins sing on a birthday? Freeze a jolly good fellow.
  3. What is a zombie’s favorite type of birthday cake? I scream cake.
  4. Why do we put candles on top of the birthday cake? It’s too hard to put them on the bottom.
  5. What should you give a dragon for its birthday? I’m not sure, but you’d better hope he’ll like it.
  1. What was the elephant’s birthday wish? A trunk full of gifts.
  2. Why did the birthday girl feel so warm at her birthday party? People kept toasting her.
  3. Why did the birthday cake visit the psychologist? Because it was feeling crumby.
  4. What is the meaning of a true friend? One who remembers your birthday but not your age.
  5. How do people who live around volcanoes celebrate their birthdays? With a birthday quake.
  1. Where do you get a birthday present for your pet? A cat-alog.
  2. Did you hear about the flag’s birthday? It was a flappy one.
  3. Why was the rugby player upset on their birthday? Because they got a red card.
  4. What do mice eat on their birthdays? Cheesecake.
  5. Why was a woman upset when her husband gave her a deck of cards for her birthday? She had asked for something with diamonds.
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Birthday one liners

Here are some great birthday joke one liners that you can quip whenever someone is talking about birthday.

  1. Be careful. Too many birthdays will kill you.
  2. I need glasses to read my birthday cards. Wine glasses.
  3. I’m devastated that I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday this March, I was born in June.
  4. I got my daughter a fridge for her birthday. I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it.
  5. It was my son’s birthday, so I took 4 of his mates for a burger and then bowling. They had a great time, he would have loved it.
  1. Have a grate birthday. Hope that’s not too cheesy.
  2. I always get emotional on my birthday. Even my cake is in tiers.
  3. I bought you a loaf of bread for your birthday toast.
  4. Pigs are always celebrate their birthday. It’s the day they were boar-n.
  5. I bought my blind friend a cheese grater for his birthday. He said it was the most violent book he’s ever read.
  1. I got my daughter a chess board for her birthday. She is gifted.
  2. I asked my new girlfriend when her birthday was. She said March 1st, So I walked round the room and asked her again.
  3. On my birthday, my mother gave me a bowler hat. I really liked it because it made me look adorabowler.
  4.  I had thought about giving my friend orchids for her birthday, but ended up giving her a bunch of roses. It was a sudden change of plants.
  5. I used to get heartburn when I ate birthday cake until a nurse advised me to take the candles off first.
Cartoon graphic of four kids celebrating a birthday with balloons around them on a blue background.

Best birthday jokes

These next funny birthday puns are some of our best jokes and puns about birthday!

  1. Did you hear about the birthday candle sale? It was a big blowout.
  2. What do you call your 21st birthday? Your beer-thday.
  3. Why are birthdays good for you? People who have the most live the longest.
  4. Why can’t kids remember past birthdays? Because they are too focused on the present.
  5. Why did the woman celebrate her birthday for only 30 seconds? It was her 32nd birthday.
  1. How do raccoons celebrate their birthdays? They get trashed.
  2. When is Mario’s birthday? MAR10.
  3. What kind of music is scary for birthday balloons? Pop music.
  4. What do you get a hunter for their birthday? A birthday pheasant.
  5. Why was the shipping vessel so excited to come home? Because it was his berth-day.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about birthday, we hope you had a good laugh.

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