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50 Funny Carrot Puns

For those who crave humor that’s sharp and snappy, welcome to our list of clever carrot puns! If you’ve got any of your own carrot jokes to share, feel free to add them to the comments below!

Cartoon graphic of girl holding carrot with blue background.

Carrot puns

Here are some of our favorite jokes about carrots!

  1. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.
  2. What’s a Vegetable’s favorite martial art? Carrate.
  3. What is the difference between a carrot and a unicorn? One is a funny beast and one is a bunny feast.
  4. What did one snowman say to the other? Does it smell like carrots?
  5. Why did the carrot get an award? Because he was out standing in his field.
  1. What did the rabbit say to the carrot? It’s been nice gnawing you.
  2. Where do carrots eat their dinner? At the vege-table.
  3. What vegetable are all others afraid of? A scarrot.
  4. Why was the snowman looking through a pile of carrots? He was picking his nose.
  5. Why couldn’t the carrot make it to the party? He was grounded.
  1. Shredded cabbage and carrot make a great salad. – Cole’s Law.
  2. When does a carrot wear a mask?  To the mascarrot ball.
  3. What are flying carrots most afraid of? Helichopters.
  4. What kind of vegetable watches over the elderly? The carrot-aker.
  5. Why do carrots make your sight better? Because they have vitamin see.
Cartoon graphic of carrot with blue background waving.
  1. What do you call a carrot with four sides? A square root.
  2. Why was the programmer eating carrots? So that they could C#. (Fun fact: C# (c-sharp is a programming language.)
  3. What’s a vegetable’s favorite casino game? Baccarrot.
  4. Knock knock. Who’s there? Carrot. Carrot who? Do you carrot all about me.
  5. Did you hear about the carrot detective? He got to the root of every case.
  1. What do you call an elephant with a carrot in each ear? Anything you want as he can’t hear you.
  2. Why’d the carrot blush? Because she saw the salad dressing.
  3. What did the rabbit say to the lettuce? Romaine calm, I’m here for the carrots.
  4. Why do sailors eat so many carrots? It helps them sea better.
  1. What did the carrot say to the rabbit?  Do you want to grab a bite?
  2. How do you kill a salad?  You go for the carrot-id artery.
  3. What’s orange and smells of carrots? Rabbit puke.
  4. You destroyed my garden? Eh, no worries. I don’t carrot all.
  5. What’s the difference between a rabbit on a treadmill and a rabbit with a carrot stuck up its nose? One is a fit bunny and the other is a bit funny.
Cartoon graphic of carrot with blue background with arms up.

Carrot one liners

  1. A man goes to hospital with a carrot up his nose. The nurse tells him he’s not eating properly.
  2. Some corn, a carrot, and cucumber all fell into the ocean. Now they are all C foods.
  3. The carrots have a game tomorrow. I’m rooting for them.
  4. One of the proven ways of making a soup rich is by adding at least 14 carrots to it.
  1. Shredded cabbage and carrot make a great salad. – Cole’s Law.
  2. The favorite martial art for vegetables is carrote.
  3. My sister said the onion is the only vegetable that can make you cry. So I threw a carrot at her
  4. The scientific prove that carrots are good for your eyes came from the fact that rabbits do not wear glasses.
Cartoon graphic of carrot with blue background spinning.

Best carrot jokes

The following funny carrot puns are some of our faves!

  1. What’s invisible and smells like carrots? Rabbit farts.
  2. How can you make a soup rich? Add 14 carrots to it.
  3. How do you know carrots are good for your eyes? Because you never see rabbits wearing glasses.
  4. What do you call a snowman without a carrot? Nobody nose.
  5. Why do carrots have a hard time letting go of things?  They have deeply rooted issues.
  1. What did the annoyed snowman say to the carrot? Just get out of my face.
  2. What is a carrot’s favorite movie? Pirates of the carrot-bean.
  3. What do you call carrots with a vendetta? Revengetables
  4. Why is alcohol better than carrots? Carrots may be good for your eyes, but alcohol will double your vision.
  5. What did the carrot say to the cucumber that owed him money? Hey dude, you knew the dill. Now you are in a pickle, and I couldn’t carrot all.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about carrots, we hope you had a good laugh. Let us know if you have any to add, or which is your favorite joke in the comments below!

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