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35 Funny Berry Puns

Hey there, berry enthusiasts! Welcome to my list of berry jokes. A berry cheesy joke is always fun. So, if you’re ready to indulge in sweet humor, let’s dive into these juicy jokes!

Cartoon graphic of mixed berries on blue background.

If you’ve got your own funny berry jokes or puns to share, pop em in the comments below!

Berry puns

Let’s dive into a basket full of classic berry jokes. Fun fact – Do you know there are over 400 types of berries worldwide?

  1. How do you make a strawberry turnover? Push it down a hill.
  2. Which kind of berry you should stay away from? Rob-berry
  3. Why can’t you make a crumble with 3.14 blackberries? Because that would be pi.
  4. What’s a scarecrows favourite fruit? A straw-berry.
  5. What do you call a sad strawberry? A blue berry!
  1. Why didn’t anyone want to listen to the blackberry’s speech? It tended to bramble on.
  2. Why did the lonely blueberry jump into the mixer? He wanted to blend in with the other fruit.
  3. Did you hear about that berry rock band? They always get together for a jam.
  4. Why couldn’t the blueberry open the door? It was jammed.
  5. How do you make a raspberry turnover? Push it down a hill!
  1. What do you call a fruit that studies the night before a test? A cram-berry.
  2. What do you get when you eat a blackberry? A Bluetooth.
  3. Did you hear about the news program dedicated to berries? It was a currant affairs program.
  4. What looks like half a berry? The other half.
  5. Why did the strawberry get a lawyer? It was in a jam!
  1. Who does a strawberry call when it loses a tooth? The tooth berry!
  2. What did the strawberry say to its Valentine? You’re berry special to me.
  3. Did you hear about that commotion at the strawberry patch? It happened right before my berry eyes.
  4. Why did the pirate plant strawberries? He heard they led to berried treasure!
  5. How do fruits handle a sticky situation? They stay calm and berry on.
Cartoon graphic of falling berries on blue background.
  1. Why did the young berries always listen to the oldest fruit in the patch? Respect your elderberries!
  2. What do you call research involving Eggs, Strawberries and Altoids? An Eggs-Berry-Mint.
  3. How do you make strawberry fruit punch? Give it boxing lessons.
  4. What’s a strawberry’s favorite musical instrument? The berry-tone!
  5. How do strawberries kiss? With berry sweet lips!
  1. What do you call a scary fruit? A boo-berry
  2. What do you call a berry patch on a windy day? Blewberries
  3. What is a ghosts favorite kind of dessert? Boo-berry pie
  4. What do you call a berry with a sore throat? A rasp-berry
  5. What’s an uneducated person’s least favorite fruit? The Li-berry.
  1. Did you hear about the meditation getaway for berries? It’s açai-lent retreat.
  2. Which hobbit tells the juiciest stories? Bilberry Baggins.
  3. How do fruit-loving librarians categorize their books? With the Dewberry decimal system.
  4. I tried to think of a berry pun. They were all fruitless attempts.
  5. How do you recognize a strawberry gang? Look for the patches.
Cartoon graphic of lots of different berries on blue background.

Final thoughts

I hope these berry silly jokes added a smile to your day. Remember, if you’ve got a berry joke that’s too tasty not to share, drop it in the comments below!

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