75 Funny Bee Jokes

Here are 75 funny bee jokes and the best bee puns to crack you up. These jokes about bees are great bee jokes for kids and adults.

Here is our top list of bee dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about bees, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this bee humor with others.

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Bee puns

Here are some of our favorite dad jokes about bees that are also awesome bee jokes for adults and kids to be told!

  1. What’s another name for a wasp? A wanna-bee.
  2. What did the bee say to the flower? Hey bud.
  3. What’s a bee’s favorite flower? A bee-gonia.
  4. What do bees chew? Bumble gum.
  5. Why did the bee go to the dermatologist? It had hives.
  1. Who’s a bee’s favorite painter? Pablo Beecasso.
  2. What’s the one thing bees never forget to bring to the beach? Frisbees.
  3. What do you get if you cross a bee with a dog? A beegle.
  4. When do bees get married? When they’ve found their honey.
  5. What did the businesswoman say? We are in bees-ness now.
  1. What do bees do with their honey? They cell it.
  2. Which bee gives you a second chance? The plan bee.
  3. What do you call a Bee that works for the government? A pollentician.
  4. What do you call a bumble bee trying to make up its mind? A maybee.
  5. What do you call an amazing bee? Un-bee-lievable.
  1. What is the last thing to go through a bee’s mind when it hits a windshield? Its stinger.
  2. What do you call a bee on weight watchers? Chub-bee.
  3. What grades did the students get on their honey project? Mostly Bees.
  4. What’s a working bee’s motto? Work hard and stay bumble.
  5. What do you get if you cross a horse with a bee? Neigh-buzz.
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  1. What do you call a bee that lives in America? A USB.
  2. What did the bee say to the naughty bee? Bee-hive yourself.
  3. Where do bees catch a bus? At the buzz stop.
  4. Who protects the Queen Bee? Her hub-bee.
  5. What did one bee say to the other when they landed on the same flower? Buzz off.
  1. What’s black and yellow and flies at 30,000 feet? A bee on an airplane.
  2. Why do bees hum? Because they can’t remember the words.
  3. What happened when the bee phoned home? She got a buzzy signal.
  4. What did the doctor bee say to the bee? You are going to bee okay.
  5. How did the beekeeper alert guests to be careful around the hives? He put up a sign that said “Bee-Ware”.
  1. What would bears be without bees? Just ears.
  2. Which sport do bees like the most? Rugbee.
  3. Where do bees go on holiday? Stingapore and Beejing.
  4. What’s another name for a baby bee? A little humbug.
  5. How did bees learn to make honey? They winged it.
  1. What’s a bee’s favorite dance music? Bee-bop.
  2. What’s a bee’s favorite Spice Girls song? Wanna-bee.
  3. Why was the bee fired from the barbershop? He only knew how to give a buzz cut.
  4. Why did the bee want to use the phone? To say hi to their honey.
  5. Why did the hive enjoy Shakespeare? They loved the “To Bee or Not to Bee” line.
  1. Where did Noah keep his bees? In the Ark-hives.
  2. What did the queen bee say to the worker bees? Time is honey.
  3. What do you call a bee that’s a sore loser? A cry bay-bee.
  4. What kind of bees is the smartest? Spelling Bees.
  5. What bee went into space? Buzz Aldrin.
Cartoon graphic of smiling bees around beehive on branch with blue background.
  1. What do you call a bee that can’t quit talking? Blabb-bee.
  2. What buzzes, is black and yellow, and goes along the bottom of the sea? A bee in a submarine.
  3. What should you say to a nosey, interfering bee? Mind your own buzziness.
  4. Which is the bees favorite TV channel?  The Bee Bee C.
  5. Why was the bee told to stand in a corner? Because it was mis-bee-hiving.
  1. What do you call a pretentious wasp? Snob-bee.
  2. Why do bees stay in the hive in the winter? To stay swarm.
  3. What do bees use for energy? Flower Power.
  4. What bee keeps you healthy? Vitamin Bee.
  5. What kind of guns do drones use? BeeBee guns.
  1. What do you call a bee that’s been put under a spell? Bee-witched.
  2. What’s a bee’s favorite novel? The Great Gats-bee.
  3. What do you call a bee with messy hair? A Frizz-bee.
  4. What do bees take with them when they go bird watching? Bee-noculars.
  5. What do bees call queen bee food when it has gone off? Royal smelly.
  1. What do bees like with their sushi? Wasa-bee.
  2. What does a bee use to style her hair? A honey comb.
  3. Which type of car to bees drive? A Volkswagon bee-tle.
  4. What do unionized bees ask for? More honey and shorter working flowers.
  5. What do bees write in their Valentine cards? Honey bee mine.

Best bee jokes

These next funny bee puns are some of our best jokes and puns about bees!

  1. What do you call a bee that doesn’t cost anything? A free-bee.
  2. Which singers do bees love? Sting, Beeyonce and the Bee Gees.
  3. What do bees do when their friend moves into a new hive? They throw them a house swarming party.
  4. What goes zzub-zubb when it travels? A bee flying backwards.
  5. If there’s a bee in my hand, what’s in my eye? Beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  1. What is the most common blood type for bees? Bee positive.
  2. Why was the bee so hard to understand? It was a mumble bee.
  3. What do you call a bee that has returned from the dead? A zombee.
  4. What did the bees do after they got married? They went on a honeymoon.
  5. What do bees use to build roads? Nec-tar.
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Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about bees, we hope you had a good laugh.

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