60 Funny Pokémon Jokes

Here are 60 funny Pokémon jokes and the best Pokémon puns to crack you up. These jokes about Pokémon are great jokes for kids and adults.

Cartoon graphic of a red and white Pokémon pokeball on a blue background.

Pokémon puns

Here is our top list of Pokémon dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about Pokémon, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this Pokémon humor with others.

  1. What Pokémon is good for fixing lights? A light Bulbasaur.
  2. How can you see a fire Pokémon is flirting with you? When they turn up the Charmeleon.
  3. What’s the most important part about making a Pokémon joke? The Exeggution.
  4. What Pokémon only drinks Hydrogen Peroxide? HO-OH.
  5. What do you call a Pokémon that wants to be a police officer? Magic-cop.
  1. Which Pokémon can see the future? A pikahead.
  2. What Pokémon do people see in auctions? Bidoof.
  3. What Pokémon would make a terrible French teacher? Mr. Mime.
  4. What TV show about dancing do Pokémon love? Dancing with the Staryus.
  5. What’s a ghost Pokémon’s favorite treat? Sinistea and cookies.
  1. What do you call Pokémon sing alongs? Gary-oake.
  2. What was the Pokémon’s favorite ocean animal? Staryu fish.
  3. What’s a Pokémon that comes after Articuno but before Moltres? Zap-does.
  4. What’s the worst way to make a ghost Pokémon mad? You mess with their Spiritomb.
  5. Why do you always get caught by Pokémon in the tall grass? Because there’s always a Watchog.
  1. What’s Pikachu’s favorite music genre? The Pika-blues.
  2. Why was the Pokémon still eating? They had some Leftovers.
  3. How do you calm down a baby Pokémon? You Sewaddle them.
  4. How do Pokémon trainers lock their doors? They use their Klef-keys.
  5. What does an electric-type Pokémon say when they get gassy while drinking milk? I’m Zaptos intolerant.
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  1. What do you tell a stressed-out Pokémon? Kakuna Rattata.
  2. What is something an Ancient Greek Pokémon would wear? A Tir-toga.
  3. Why is it so hard to find Fossil Pokémon? They only come out at Oma-night.
  4. What’s the name of the Pokémon that traveled with Dorthy to Oz? Totodile.
  5. How can Pokémon help you in geometry? By seeing if shapes are Porygons or Cryagonals.
  1. What’s Pikachu’s favorite song? The Hokey Pokémon.
  2. Which Pokémon is always in a good mood? Happiny.
  3. What’s a fun game all Pokémon love to play? Peek-a-Pumpkaboo.
  4. Why can’t you blindfold a Pokémon? Because it’s going to Pikachu.
  5. What are good presents for a playful Pokémon? A Bal-toy or a Clay-doll.
  1. Which Pokémon do vampires like most? Koffin’.
  2. Have you heard about the new Pokémon beer? They called it a Volcarona Lite.
  3. How can you get a baby Pokémon to sleep? You sing them a Vullaby.
  4. How can you fix a TV in Pokémon? You wiggle the Hat-enna.
  5. How can you tell a Pokémon likes baseball? Every night he turns into a gol-bat.
  1. What do you call a storm of Pokémon? A Pokémonsoon.
  2. What internet browser does a Pokémon trainer use? Fire Delphox.
  3. What do you call a Pokémon who can’t move very fast? A Slow-poke.
  4. What does a yellow Pokémon say before teleporting? Abra-Kadabra.
  5. How do dragon-type Pokémon solve their disputes? They let bagons be bagons.
Cartoon graphic of a yellow-outlined Pokémon Pikachu on a blue background.

Pokémon one liners

Here are some great Pokémon joke one liners that you can quip whenever someone is talking about Pokémon.

  1. I saw a Pokémon that looked like a vegetable today, I thought it was Oddish.
  2. The Pokémon was finding counting really hard, he couldn’t get past pikaTWO.
  3. Pokémon released a new brand of bubblegum yesterday. It’s called Pika Chew.
  4. My friend wanted to catch a Pokémon, but not before they took azelf-ie.
  5. According to recent surveys, fans of Pokémon love electric type the most. These results are shocking.
  1. I heard Pokémon can get drunk too. They just Electabuzz.
  2. I overheard someone telling Pokémon jokes, but I couldn’t catch ’em all.
  3. My friend told me they love normal type Pokémon the most. Ditto.
  4. If Cinderella was a Pokemon, she would be married to Prince Charmander.
  5. When Bulbasaur accidentally hurt himself, he was Bulbasore.
Cartoon graphic of a red and white Pokémon pokeball in a red square box on a blue background.

Best Pokémon jokes

These next funny Pokémon puns are some of our best jokes and puns about Pokémon!

  1. Which Pokémon do soccer players like the most? Goal-duck.
  2. What do you call Meowth’s reflection? A copycat.
  3. If you do not like funny Pokémon puns. I will just keep my Meowth shut.
  4. I wonder where these Pokémon eggs come from? Ditto.
  5. What do you call a low-fat Pokémon? Butterfree.
  1. Which Pokémon could also be a pirate? Arrrrr-bok.
  2. Which sci-fi movie do Pokémon like the most? Staryu Wars.
  3. Why was Hypno so energetic? He wasn’t Drowzee anymore.
  4. What is a Pokémon fan’s favorite place to go in France? Paras.
  5. Did you hear about the Pokémon that has Covid-19? It was Koffing.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about Pokémon, we hope you had a good laugh.

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