40 Funny Cupcake Puns

Here are 40 funny cupcake jokes and the best cupcake puns to crack you up. These jokes about cupcakes are great jokes for kids and adults.

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Cupcakes puns

Here is our top list of cupcake dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about cupcakes, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this cupcake humor with others.

  1. What did one cupcake say to the other? Absolutely muffin.
  2. Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his cupcake? Cause he was stuffed.
  3. What caused the baker to discard a batch of cupcakes? They didn’t pan out.
  4. What do you call your dad when he is one cupcake away from exploding? Pops.
  5. What did the pig say when somebody told him he was making cupcakes all wrong? Listen, I’ve been bacon my whole life.
  1. What kind of weather do cupcakes like? Sprinkles.
  2. Why didn’t the cupcake talk to the croissant? Because he had muffin to say.
  3. What makes a baseball cupcake different from a baseball muffin? The batter.
  4. Why did the man put the cupcake in the freezer? Because his wife told him to ice it.
  5. How can you express gratitude to a baker for baking your cupcakes? Send them flours.
Cartoon graphic of a cute purple frosting cupcake with a smiling face on a blue background.
  1. What’s up, cupcake? Muffin much.
  2. What does a baker with a cold bake? Coughee cupcakes.
  3. Why did the burglar break into the bakery? Because he heard the cupcakes were rich.
  4. Why would the football coach throw a cupcake at a player of the opposition team? He was icing the kicker.
  5. How do you describe a group of people who have come together to decorate cupcakes? A sprinkler system.
  1. Why did the cupcake go to the doctor’s office? It was feeling crumby.
  2. Why did the cupcake lady get kicked off her hockey team? She kept icing the puck.
  3. Want to lose weight with cupcakes? Simply weigh yourself while holding 20 cupcakes, put the cupcakes down and weigh yourself again.
  4. How do you put the chocolate filling into cupcakes? Just keep going until they’re choc-full.
  5. Why do we put a candle on top of a cupcake? Because it’s too hard to put it on the bottom.
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Cupcakes one liners

Here are some great cupcake joke one liners that you can quip whenever someone is talking about cupcakes.

  1. Some only dream of cupcakes. Others bake it happen.
  2. Today I ate a cupcake without sprinkles. Diets are really hard.
  3. Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed. Cupcakes make it worthwhile.
  4. I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day because I get to make cupcakes for a special someone and that special someone is me.
  5. My roommate keeps stealing my food so I ground up Pepper and made cupcakes with it. Pepper was a dumb thing to name his dog anyway.
  1. A cupcake is just a muffin with clown puke topping.
  2. My friend is a diabetic, he had his first cupcake today, it sure was a sweet way to go.
  3. I’m sleepier then a cupcake stand. They are tiered. Sorry, this joke has too many layers.
  4. I was walking home late one night when I saw dozens of giant cupcakes and pies everywhere. It was kind of scary. The streets were oddly desserted.
  5. I told my baker wife that if she were to leave me, give me one of her incredible cupcakes. She replied: “I won’t dessert you.”
Cartoon graphic of a cute pink cupcake with smiling face on a blue background.

Best cupcake jokes

These next funny cupcake puns are some of our best jokes and puns about cupcakes!

  1. What does a snowman like on his cupcakes? Icing.
  2. What should you serve at a dog’s birthday party? Pupcakes.
  3. What kind of cup doesn’t hold water? A cupcake.
  4. At a bear’s birthday party, what kinds of treats should you serve? Cubcakes.
  5. Why is Gandalf’s cupcake bakery so popular and successful? Because he has a magical staff.
  1. What do chickens serve at birthday parties? Coop-cakes.
  2. What did the cupcake say to the fork? You want a piece of me?
  3. What do you call an island populated entirely by cupcakes? Desserted.
  4. What do you call a little iced muffin that causes chronic pain? A cupc-ache.
  5. What do cupcakes and a baseball team have in common? They both count on the batter.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about cupcakes, we hope you had a good laugh.

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