20 Funny Plum Puns

Here are 20 funny plum jokes and the best plum puns to crack you up. These jokes about plums are great jokes for kids and adults.

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Plum puns

Here is our top list of plum dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about plums, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this plum humor with others.

  1. Did you hear the plum joke? It was pitiful.
  2. What do you call a plum in trouble? A damson in distress.
  3. Why did the elephant paint his toenails purple? So he could hide in a plum tree.
  4. Why do you have a plum? I couldn’t find a date.
  5. What kind of decisions do plums make? Fruitful ones.
  1. Which fruit wears a tutu? The sugar plum fairy.
  2. What did the plumber do when all his work dries up? Becomes a pruner.
  3. What’s worse than finding a worm in a plum? Half a worm.
  4. What show features dancing fruit? Strictly Plum Dancing.
  5. How do you make a fruit farmer scream? Pinch his plum.
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Plum one liners

Here are some great plum joke one liners that you can quip whenever someone is talking about plums.

  1. Working in pairs with aplomb is quite different than working in pears with a plum.
  2. Prunes aren’t my favorite food, But I always plump for them.
  3. I had a date last night. It was great and tomorrow night I’ll eat a plum instead.
  4. My dream business of selling purple pitted fruit and offering home water service repair will be called Plum and Plumber.
  5. A plum got really angry and started shouting at me, so I called it out for purple abuse.
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Best plum jokes

These next funny plum puns are some of our best jokes and puns about plums!

  1. What fruit is the fattest? A plump.
  2. How do you take care of a plum tree? Prune it.
  3. What’s purple and fixes sinks? A plumber.
  4. Why was the little plum upset? Because her parents were in a jam.
  5. Why did the worm leave the plum? Because Noah said to travel in pears.
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Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about plums, we hope you had a good laugh.

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